Scarlet Runner Bean

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

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DISCOUNTED - FROM 2020-21 GROWING SEASON - We believe in the longer viability of these seeds so we want to offer our older stock at a big discount to gardeners that are willing to give these seeds a chance!

Runner Beans are perennial beans. They are tolerant of heat, drought, and cool nights. 68 days to snap stage, 115 days to dry shell stage. [Pre-1750. Grown by the early colonists who obtained seed from the Native Americans.] Grown mostly in the U.S. for its brilliant scarlet flowers, which are highly attractive to hummingbirds. 8-12 in. pods contain lovely, mottled reddish-purple beans. Runner beans are eaten as snap beans when pods are small, and can be used as green shelly or dried beans. Dried beans have a nut-like flavor. A great bean for bean tee-pees!

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Category: family_legume, kids gardens

Type: Beans & Peas