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Pinkeye Purple Hull Cowpea

Pinkeye Purple Hull Cowpea

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DISCOUNTED - FROM 2020-21 GROWING SEASON - We believe in the longer viability of these seeds so we want to offer our older stock at a big discount to gardeners that are willing to give these seeds a chance!

The classic black-eyed pea is a must for any fan of Southern peas. This improved variety was introduced in 1975 by the University of Georgia/AES. The plant has good disease resistance and has upright, semi-bush plants for easy picking. "Southern peas" or "Cowpeas" are grown in the heat and can be picked young to use as snap peas, or mature as shelled peas which can be used fresh or can be dried. Snaps and peas are easy to freeze. Small packet has about 170 seeds. 63 days. Vigna unguiculata. Family: Legumes.

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