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Liana Asparagus Bean

Liana Asparagus Bean

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Great for North and South, one of the earliest bearing asparagus beans. Vines are 10-12'. Like most black-seeded varieties it does well in the North as well as the South. Since it is day-neutral, in the South it can be planted for early market sales, late for a fall harvest, or year-round in the greenhouse. The medium green pods are best picked at 18" (less than pencil-width). An old market favorite.

The fresh pods have a dense texture and intense bean flavor that holds up well in stir fry dishes. Sweet and mild resembling the combined flavor of asparagus, mushrooms, and beans. Serving suggestion: Braid or tie into knots before cooking.

The dried beans taste similar to cowpeas but with a drier nuttier quality.
Packet (7 g) 48 seeds. 72 days.
Fabaceae Vigna unguiculata. Family: Legumes.

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