Worchester Indian Red Lima Bean

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

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DISCOUNTED - FROM 2020-21 GROWING SEASON - We believe in the longer viability of these seeds so we want to offer our older stock at a big discount to gardeners that are willing to give these seeds a chance!

Our hardiest lima bean variety with beautiful dark maroon-red seeds. The plants are heat- and drought-resistant plants and produces medium-sized limas on. This variety is reported to be of Native American origin before 1868, and introduced in 1990 by Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. This variety still exhibits a wild trait: a few pods spring open (shatter) when the pods are completely dry. 2-4 beans per pod. Small packet has about 50 seeds. 85 days. Phaseolus lunatus.Family: Legumes.

Collections: Seeds

Category: family_legume, soup stock

Type: Beans & Peas