Calico Crowder (Pole Cat) Cowpea

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

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Crowder peas are perhaps the most under used beans or peas around. Crowders are similar to more common black-eyed peas, but have a deeper, more nutty flavor. This variety is also known as Hereford Pea, Polecat Pea, and is one of the more flavorful southern peas. "Southern peas" or "Cowpeas" are grown in the heat and can be picked young to use as snap peas, or mature as shelled peas which can be used fresh or can be dried. Snaps and peas are easy to freeze. Peas are buff- colored with maroon splashes. Vigorous, sprawling vines. Packet is about 140 seeds. 79 days. Vigna unguiculata.Family: Legumes.

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Category: family_legume, summer survivor

Type: Beans & Peas